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Glimpse into the future of skin care and skin care products as Xango launches the world's first fully intuitive skin care line called simply, "Glimpse". Take a glimpse at the revolutionary new formulation of the Glimpse product line and see how bio-technology has afforded us something never before experienced in the world of cosmetics.

For the first time ever a skin care line that literally learns your skin type and condition upon application. Once applied to the skin "Glimpse" begins to apply its unique bio- formulations to analyze the acidic and alkaline levels of your personal skin type and condition. "Glimpse", immediately begins to self adjust its active properties to adjust the skins condition at the cellular level. By creating the correct PH balance it assists the skin in a form of self healing that promotes anti-aging through the elimination of wrinkles. The skin is returned back closer and closer to the original texture that it once possessed, and it is done so without the opportunity of pre-existing skin conditions to effect the clearness and radiance of the skin. The result is a skin that is free of blemishes and wrinkles, as well as presenting a more natural coloration. 

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Glimpse? Intuitive Skin Care

Glimpse Intuitive Skin Care Products offer the full compliment of required formulations to ensure that all of your skin care concerns are managed from one source. A source that is 100% GREEN!!

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